You might not know this but I have two sons. You also might not know that I have two brothers.  Therefore I have always been surrounded by men. This means… superheroes.

While my friends were playing with barbies and ponies, I had Batman, Superman, Spiderman and, now that I am a Mum, I only hear about IronMan, Superman (again), Hulk and just because I love her, WonderWoman.

I love these characters and I always wanted superpowers. When I was thinking and researching the topic of my next article, I saw a post saying: I AM A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT. WHAT IS YOUR SUPERPOWER?

And then it hit me. We virtual assistants ARE superheroes. We have plenty of capabilities that all these Marvel and DC Comic characters also have. Below, I will highlight 4.

1: Superspeed

Being a virtual assistant means that we have to be effective and fast with the work we do. And we are. One of the ways to make a client happy is to finish the job by the deadline or preferably before that. If you say ”I needed this done by yesterday”, it will be done asap.  So if you want to make sure that the job you need done is ready in time, hire a virtual assistant.

2: Mindreading

Okay – not literally but as we are entrepreneurs working for other business owners, we have the same mindset. We know your thought process and the information you use to make decisions. We know you are busy but also need a work and life balance. We know the tasks that you don’t  want to deal with.  And so on and so on.

3.: Invisibility

We do have clients that we actually have never met. We are just a voice at the other end of the phone, a signature under an e-mail, an invoice at the end of the month. We organize your life and business without impacting upon you and to compliment you. You may not see us, but we are still there. Isn’t it wonderful?

4.: We know everything

We work with so many different clients and we have so many tasks that we know how to do basically everything. If there is something we don’t know or we don’t specialize in it, we know who to ask. So feel free to give us any kind of task. Our job is to get it done.

All in all, even though we don’t have special suits or equipments to fight evil, we do save the day and your business from the unwanted, hated admin duties. You don’t need a VA sign on the sky to reach us. Just send an e-mail or a message and we will get back to you in no time.